Welcome to our own walking group SOG (Stoke Outdoor Group)

This group is open for anyone to join, if you are under the age of 16 then sorry you will require a responsible adult to acompany you.

The aim of our group is simple and that is to meet new like minded people and enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors by meeting up. Its a great way to make new friends and socialise with people like yourself. We hold regular walks and rambles with varrious degrees of challenges. This group is a Stoke on Trent and surrounding area group (Leek, Stafford, etc) however individuals from futher away are more than welcome to join.
Our Rules
Whilst we wish not to lay down laws and rules straight away it is important that all who join our group feel comfortable and confident with others they may meet. To this end certain rules or as I prefer to call it a policy are in place to ensure that the best practices are maintained at all times for the benefit of all. For details of these rules or polices please click here, You must have read and understood these polices in order to join the group.

Joining the group

To join the group is simple please submit your details via e-mail or contact form on this page. We will need to know your age, gender and rough location, you will need a valid e-mail address for correspondence. Once we have received your request we will send you a basic application form via e-mail. Please fill this in and send it back to us, this will ask for some personal details such a medical questionnaire and what we call a NOK form NOK means Next Of Kin so that in an emergency we know who to contact. This need only be a contact number and name. We will also require some details such as your address and contact number. This information is kept safe by us and is not accessible to anyone else but ourselves. It is only used in an emergency or if requested by the authorities such as Police.

Once we receive your application you will then be sent an internet address where you can join our private forum. This forum is for our members only. On the forum will be information on meets and walks along with other members posts. This is a private forum for our members only.

You will then have the chance to attend a meet. Due to the fact we cant get you to sign documents on the internet on your first meet we will ask you to sign the group declaration which lists our guidelines and rules. This also acts as a disclaimer stating that you attend any meets on a purely voluntary basis. Please dont forget to check our policy out here. This will also be sent to you on your application form.

To Request An Application Form Please Complete The Following