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About this site

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Outdoor Life & Pursuits is a website dedicated to those who love being outdoors. Walking, scrambling, climbing, camping, wild camping, challenges and much more. On this site we have lots of features for everyone, an active forum, pages for learning new skills such as navigation, survival, tips and tricks we also welcome individuals to submit articles and reviews. We also have a live chat room dedicated to our site.

Skills you will find on this site

First Aid
Camping / Wild Camping
Water Purification
Health Hygene


Equipment Reviews
Campsite Reviews
Great Walks and days out
Specialist Features and guest articles.

Skills Courses

Websites are great, books even better and friends explanations fantastic but if you really need to learn a new skill then you cant beat doing a proffesional course in that subject. We are currently looking for professional training organisations who wish to advertise their courses on here.
We are looking for the following areas of expertise:
  • Rock climbing
  • Pot holing
  • Canoeing
  • Sailing
Please see our courses page for more details.