SOG Policy / Rules All must read prior to joining

Walking group rules

No fees are charged what so ever to join this group.
Anyone under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an appropriate responsible adult
It is all walkers responsibility to ensure that they uphold at all times the best practices for health & safety
All walkers agree that they join walks on their own free will
All group members will be asked to sign a declaration which also lists any medical issues that the group should be made aware of.
Meets are organised in the website forum and those wishing to attend can request this on the forum and will be e-mailed with all the details and facts.
A person will be nominated as the liaison and this person although not responsible will organise timings location and routes. This person will also be nominated as the liaison for taking with them all details of walkers for use in an emergency. On the day of a meet a second person will also be nominated as liaison and this person will act as the main liaison in the event of the main liaison being unable to continue.
A group such as ours merits itself on some fundamental policies and these are laid down by the group
As a group we welcome diversity from all areas
Race Religion Culture Background Beliefs Age Physical Ability are all open and are all welcome to join .
In accordance with this we ask that personal views on such things are kept private to individuals and that all individual members respect others ways of life.
Discrimination of any sorts will not under any circumstances be tolerated.
We accept that certain restrictions may apply to those with physical impairment but as a group we all acknowledge we wish to help where possible and make relevant arrangements if applicable. Where arrangements have to be made for such cases it is requested that the impaired individual is accompanied by an experienced person to help. As a whole the group and its members agree to support such individuals and help the persons helpers.  In certain cases group meets may be restricted in size for various reasons and all meets are arranged on a first come first served basis.
When a meet / walk is planned then a clear description of the route will be presented in detail in the forum and also the challenge level. The challenge level again will be clearly explained and it is the responsibility of the individual member to determine if they are fit enough and have enough skills to meet the challenge. If in any doubt then the member should not attend that meet.
From time to time meets will involve over night stays at various campsites / accommodation and possible wild camps. In terms of wild camps as a group we shall always seek permission first off the land owner.
All members must fully understand the country code and abide by it at all times.
The law of the land shall always be followed
From time to time the group will operate additional courses which are run separately from the group, these courses will be run by professional organisations and payment for their services may be required. As a group we aim to get discounted rates for such courses.
A liaison is a person who organises at very low level meets and walks. A liaison is nominated by the group. Although a liaison person does not take on any responsibility for the group it is only reasonable however in the interest of safety and well being that a liaison must hold certain standards. These standards are:
Minimum REC First Aid
First Aid at Work
Experienced in map reading techniques
Experienced in basic survival techniques
These are the minimum requirements and the group will on occasion hold meets for those who wish to become liaison persons.
Once nominated as a liaison person then this person can arrange meets.
On occasions the group may wish to travel to other areas for day or weekend events. In the interest of convenience transport may be organised either via other members or by the group organising professional transport which is paid for by individual members.
Payment for campsites and facilities is also the responsibility of individuals.
Where other members offer transport to meets this is a voluntary option and they cannot charge members under any circumstances for that transport. This does not mean however that a donation towards running costs cannot be offered.
Charity events, often groups are approached and asked if they would do a charity event to help raise money for a charity. For example a walk to the top of Snowdon for children in need etc. In all cases prior to the group accepting such a thing the charity must be proved to be legitimate. The group will then post the details in the forum for a period of one week to ensure that no one has any objections to this venture being undertaken. A person will then be nominated to organise the actual event.
All members on a walk or meet agree to help other members out and not leave anyone behind. We al have strengths and weaknesses and as a group we operate a policy of "we are only as strong as our weakest link" meaning we can only set a pace of our slowest person. This is why we ask that prior to attending a meet you ensure you are fit enough for the meet and have the right skills and experience. If during the meet / walk you do start to fall behind or become out of your depth then as a group arrangements will be made to help you out. As a group we never leave anyone on their own.
The group extends beyond that of just walks and meets and offers a social network for like minded people to get together. It is a great way to make new friends. We however must unfortunately warn all that group members are not subject to any type of vetting or checks and for the most part will join via the internet. We urge all members to cautious in all cases and never give out personal details.


We are sorry to have to lists a set of rules and our aim as a group is to enjoy walks and rambles in the great outdoors and feel the freedom that nature has to offer us. But in the interest of safety and group moral we do have to set some guidelines and basic rules.

Guidelines and rules are set by you the members and are revised by you the members of the group and I have no doubt that in time new rules will have to come into play and some older ones updated and amended. We ask all members for their support in this by giving us their views and opinions.

As the editor of this website and originator of the group I take on the responsibility for organising the group and carrying out the administrative tasks. Although I do not take responsibility for other peoples actions I do take the responsibility for ensuring smooth running of the group and ensuring that its policies and rules are adhered to. Any complaints should be made directly to myself and I do with hold the right to close the group and the website down without warning or reason. It is certainly not my intention to do such a thing but I must make my rights clear. I also hold the right to exclude individuals if it is proved they act / acted in a negligent manner, or do not uphold the groups policies and rules.


I ask that all remember this is a free group to join and you should not have expectations as we do not provide a service. It is what we make it on a day of the meet. I have no doubt we will have great days and some bad ones but that goes with such a hobby. You are free to come and go as you please. I look forward in the near future to meeting with it's members and getting to know you and hopefully make some great new friends.

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