Walking Groups

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Interested in joining a walking group then we may have what your looking for. This page has information on our own walking group S.O.G and also if you have a walking group then you may submit details of it here free of charge.
A walking group is great for meeting other like minded people in your area, finding that motivation we all sometimes need, gaining experience from others and improving your social network.

Walking Group General Rules

It is important to first of all understand exactly what a walking group is. A walking group does not charge anything for membership nor does it offer any services whether that be hiring of equipment or offering any sort of tuition of any kind. Nor does it offer lead or guide walks etc. If anything like that does happen then it can be classed as a club and subject to various conditions such as relevant insurances inc of liability and it also has a responsibility under legislation to meet health & safety requirements. However with a group providing there is no defined leader but instead a meter or liaison who organises at a very low level  the group getting together then all who attend have there own duty towards health & safety. During group activities however there is no reason why more experienced persons in the group cant share their experience with other members. You wont be breaking any laws by showing someone how to read a map the right way up or how to set a bearing.
To this end a walking group does not require insurance nor qualified persons within it. Please understand this is not a way of getting around the law or anything like that just a way to prevent individuals from having to pay into something. Not a lot of things come free these days.  Any events can be organised by any members and people attend totally at their own free will. Its just the same as you saying to some work friends "lets meet down the park this Saturday and have a game of football" you would not get a professional coach in for that nor would you call around insurance companies asking for a quote on liability insurance. This website runs on those principles, we do not charge for any service and any advice is given on a friendly basis only. 
However certain steps of common sense can be taken by more experienced walkers or as we call them in our group liaisons, such as ensuring that all within the group give some basic medical details and details of who to contact in an emergency. The more experienced walkers would also ensure that no members of the group place themselves in situations that are way out of their league and could compromise safety for themselves or the group. All walkers must also agree on some basic rules in that they will help each other out at all times. These sort of ground rules are set by the group and should be made available to all to read. If a walker does not agree then they should not attend the group. No one individual takes responsibility for anyone else (except authorised adults where children are concerned) but all individuals must play their role in ensuring health & safety is maintained by all at all times.

In our group for example I do have a group policy and I ask all who join to read and sign to say they agree with our policy. In the first instance you may say it a big set of rules but in all fairness our policy is just aimed at safety and ensuring that all who join know they are joining a group with good moral standards and that the policy is designed to keep everyone happy. T the end of the day we do not want to loose sight of what we want to do in the first instance and that is on occasions meet up with other like minded people and go for a ramble in the great outdoors.

Lists Of Walking Groups And Websites